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Originally Posted by Gm0ney View Post
Thanks for all the replies on 272 Main - it's a neat old building and I walk by there almost every day. Was wondering why another reno was underway. Hope the residential works out - and a new restaurant around there would be a good thing. Parking inside though? There might be enough width for 4 stalls but that lane is full of courier/delivery/moving trucks all day for 200 Graham next door. It'll be hit and miss on getting in and out of there on weekdays.
Its just going to be for 4 cars, max. Likely three.

Above the back of the main floor, there is a concrete mezzanine area. Below this partial raised concrete floor is a convenient space for a few parking spots. A good selling feature for "the boss" when considering leasing the commercial space.

It was supposed to be private parking for a penthouse that was considered to built on top of the roof. Would have been awesome. Now I believe they are going to have a roof top patio instead.
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