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Marketplace Phase II in the Stadium District from July 14th:

Gillespie Group

MichiGrain Distillery in the Stadium District across from the Lansing Brewing Co. brewery. This like LBC is a reuse.

Gillespie Group

Gillespie Group

Gillespie Group

SkyVue looks very close to opening. They moved into their office, yesterday:


The historic Boji Tower completed renovation of its historic clock this month. The old, rusted neon tubes were replaced with aluminum plates ringed by LED lights. It's already looking more vivid. Grand Rapids-based Lumichron Tower Clock Co. completed the renovation.

From the Lansing City Pulse:

This summer’s renovation cost $90,000 — 60 times the clock’s original $1,500 price tag when work began on the face, in December 1934.

At 25 feet across, the Boji clock is the eighth largest in the United States and about as big as they come in the world, Lumichron CEO Ian Macartney said. (The clock face at Big Ben in London is only 23 feet across.)
The wedge-shaped, 16-inch-wide indexes marking the hours herald the Art Deco look that replaced old-fashioned Roman numerals in the 1930s.

Corrosion, rust and brutal weather started attacking the old steel hands as soon as the clock lit up for the first time on Jan. 15, 1935, when the Boji Tower was known as the Olds Tower.

The hands were first removed, repaired and returned to the clock in March 1935, only a few weeks later.

In February 1949, ice jammed the mechanism and the hands came down again. The company that made the original parts, National Time, was already out of business and the owners had to scramble for repairs.

But the new parts had defective brushes that conked out between 6:30 and 9:30, so the hands came off yet again.

A grumbling Olds Tower building manager considered replacing the neon with spotlights and reflective tape, but by then the clock was already an untouchable civic icon.
Next big projects to start construction? The two, 10-story Flats at Prudden Wheel just northeast of the Stadium District, and 12-story City Center and 13-Story 100 Grand/Park District in East Lansing. The 200 Flats at Prudden Wheel will join Motor Wheels Lofts and Prudden Place, a mixture of renovation and new construction:

Motor Wheel Lofts by Brandon Bartoszek, on Flickr

Motor Wheel Lofs by Brandon Bartoszek, on Flickr

Prudden Place by Brandon Bartoszek, on Flickr
Where the trees are the right height
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