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Originally Posted by subterranean View Post
Yeah, that's what I was referring to. Seems so odd that such a large development would not have some sort of announcement or boosterism. So not Lansing's style.
A rule of thumb is that if the project is done by Pat Gillespie or the Bojis, you're going to hear about it. They are kings of self-promotion. If it's by Pat Gillespie's younger brother or H Inc. (who did Motor Wheels and is doing the Flats at Prudden Wheel), promotion is going to be way more low-key, probably mostly word-of-mouth.

Still, you're right, a project of this size to be pre-leasing before they've even formally proposed it is bizarre and unusual for Lansing. I'm still trying to figure out when they are going to formally submit a plan to the planning board and city council? So far, they have requested (and were granted) a special land use (SPU) permit, which will allow them to construct the project in a heavy industrial zoneage. Why they simply haven't requested a rezoning I have no idea, but this (SPU permits) seems to happen a lot in Lansing.

Originally Posted by subterranean View Post
Is that building popping up in the left foreground of downtown the Eastown project that replaced the buildings where Emil's was?
Yes, the project has been renamed he Venue at East Town. Some more about it form January:

The Venue will be home to Rajje’s Taphouse, a new pan-European eclectic restaurant that will focus on inventive dishes and creative cocktails, and Strange Matter Coffee Co., a pour-over café that started across the street in 2014. Strange Matter will more than double in size when it moves into the Venue this fall.
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