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Site prep work on 100 Grand/Park District at the northwest corner of Grand River and Abbot is finally scheduled for September 1, and includes demolition of the long-vacant bank building. The project also went through its final tweaks over the past few months.


Graduate by NewCityOne, on Flickr

Looking northeast along Grand River

graduate2 by NewCityOne, on Flickr

Looking northwest along Grand River

Graduate3 by NewCityOne, on Flickr

It'll now include a 150-room Graduate Hotel in its eastern wing, 198 apartments in the center and western wing, parking of floors 2 and 3, ballroom and outdoor terrace for hotel (and private terraces for apartments on apartment wing) floor 4, with ground floor retail and hotel and residential lobbies and rooftop terrace for the apartments on floor 13. Hotel lobby is off Abbot, apartment lobby is off Evergreen. There is also a second 6-story apartment building on Evergreen with a rooftop terrace.

Because of East Lansing's strict height limits - stricted than Ann Arbor's - at 150'-0" (which includes the screening off the mechanical penthouse on the hotel wing), this will become the city's tallest off-campus building. Only the office/suites on Spartan Stadium will be taller.
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