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Originally Posted by NYguy View Post
^ New York is the king of NIMBYism, and even the rezoning for Midtown East was put off because of pandering and nimbyism. This tower got approved before the rest of the district because a slice of the rezoning had to be cut off to get this important development underway.
Obviously when you have that kind of density, you'll have a lot of NIMBY. No way it's the king of nimbies though. Look at San Fran, where anything tall is extremely hard to build outside of a few plots of designated land. And of course historic cities in Europe where tall towers are a big no no and developers don't even bother proposing them for fear of NIMBY backlash. NY has it easy in comparison. Plenty of places to build up in NY without much nimby interference. You don't even have to have a review for most development projects like most cities do as you can build As of Right.

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