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Originally Posted by LMich View Post
I'd give you Detroit's, but even the latest available figures are totally out of date as they came right after the city's backruptcy where service level were cut a full 20% to DDOT. The department has been literally adding back new trips every quarter since then. 24 hour service wasn't added back until January of last year. Then you have the fact that the suburban system (SMART) has commuter-type service in and out of the city during peak hours, and which had to cut 22% of its service in 2011 as a result of the fall-out of the recession. It's an was an embarrasingly low number. The corridor along Woodward between downtown and New Center averages around 60,000 trips per day for DDOT (not including SMART), but that includes 9 different routes, 8 of which only use a small section of Woodward.

I'll see if I can get some recent numbers. Basically, it'd be adding DDOT's #53, which is local city service, with SMART's #445 & #475, which are both suburban limiteds. Then you'd maybe have to add in #450 and #460 which are literally designed to pick up where DDOT's #53 leaves off (the shared State Fair Transit Center) since SMART isn't legally allowed to duplicate services in the city. In any case, inbound trips once they hit the city limits prevent SMART from dropping off passengers until the terminal, and on outbound trips passengers can not be dropped off in the city. Combined, these routes only carried 12,400 in 2014, a bit over a year after the bankruptcy-induced service cuts.
Is the 12,400 number the 53+445+475+450+460, or only some of those?
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