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That looks fantastic, I'm happy for all European cities that get good skyscrapers, but this one looks great quality. There's always a bit of competition among European cities for the title of best skyline, but I am happy for all of them as its good for Europe, for me the top five European skylines are very clear.

I will give the reasons why they are ranked in this order, as I don't like it when people list their favourites without giving reasons for them. I will give my reasons below

Moscow is number one in Europe because of the spectacular designs of their towers and the great heights, it has a dense cluster made up of entirely supertalls and 200m+ skyscrapers, allthoe they could improve it if they had a mid/highrise base around it to give it a bigger and wider skyline, but it's still the best in Europe

London is my number two as it is clearly ahead of the others below it, it has more towers than Frankfurt and paris, it has taller towers than Frankfurt and paris, it has better designs than Frankfurt and paris, and it has more clusters than Frankfurt or paris. London has two different creative paths for its clusters, In the big two clusters of London (the city cluster/ and canary wharf cluster) the canary wharf cluster is designed in the style of a North American skyline, it has big and boxy tall 200m+ office towers with fantastic quality and cladding. In the city cluster there is a different style of architecture in its skyscrapers, they are designed in the elaborate, futuristic style of glassy and steel skyscrapers, with 200m+ towers made by the best architects in the world, like British architects Norman foster, Richard Rodgers, zaha hadid etc. London also has different styles in its other clusters, with some industrial futurism tower clusters and residential clusters with the new London vernacular style. London is the only eu city with a supertall, the fantastic shard, and London is booming right now, building so many towers, and 200m+ towers all over the city, building entire new clusters. More investment going on in london than any other city on earth. In three or four years, just one of londons clusters, canary wharf, will be the best in the eu, and that doesn't include the other great clusters going up in London, other euro cities like Frankfurt and paris are not building and havent been building for a long time, while london, moscow and istanbul have been building lots for years now, Frankfurt and paris can't compete with London and Moscow


Frankfurt has a beautiful skyline, allthoe it's not really dense and has a smaller number of towers, but it does have better quality and design towers than paris and Istanbul, and it has higher towers than paris. Frankfurt isn't building much these days and hasn't been for a while, but it still has an attractive skyline and deserves to be number 3


Paris has a nice skyline, the towers are all built in one cluster which gives it more density, but the towers are not very tall and the designs are old and outdated, and the quality of materials and cladding is poor, from afar it looks like a wall of mid and high rises from the 60s and 70s. There are some good ones too, the tour granite and the twins next to it are good, i like tour first but wish it had better cladding and I like majunga tower. Paris would be higher on the list if it had taller towers, with better designs, cladding and materials, paris is also not building much, so Moscow and londons lead could leave paris and frankfurt behind, but the hermitage could come and that would change everything, or they don't get built, which would be really bad, I hope they do get built.


Istanbul has risen out of nowhere, it is booming so much right now, the towers are very tall and have good designs, better that the older ones they have and it has many clusters, all growing fast just like londons clusters. In a few years there will be two groups in European skylines, the top group, London, Moscow and Istanbul, and the lower group for everyone else. This is my honest take on the skylines of Europe, I hope I didn't hurt anyone's feelings, this is just my reasoned objective opinion, thanks

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