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Originally Posted by Olivertwist049 View Post
Wow! great render! Can't wait see how LD will look like in 2013. In two weeks we'll know the winner of the tour signal competition and hopefully we'll see the first renders.
LD is really getting one of best skylines in Europe and even in the world!
I think it is true that La def. already has the best skyline in Europe. Frankfurt, its only serious rival, has taller bldgs. 9 5 200 m. plus ) but the pano of La def is superb with nice clustering, some density adn harmonious uniformity of height.

Personally I woud prefer 2 to 4 towers at c. 200 to 220 metres which would give some height without totally taking over but with what is currently proposed La def will clearly be the best in Europe an comparable to any north American city except the two giants in Chicago and manhattan.

It would be wrong to build in the centre and whatever young people say in polls it won't happen. Youth don't vote, have no real power and grow up to be more conservative so their views are irrelevant. However it is the fate of Paris to be the most innovative of cities. She is a vast work of art and brings her swagger and elan to so much of what happens there. This swagger will inform what becomes of her 'scraper quarter.

Come 2013 the most elegant neo classical city on earth which has been the crucible for so much architectural novelty through the centuries will have a quarter which rivals Toronto or houston for height and skyline presence and arguably be top 10 in world yet in centre-ville people won't even know its there thus insuring a world class modern skyline next door to an utterly unrivalled pre modern panorama !!!!!. Vive la ville lumiere Reine des villes mondiales !
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