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I said we should have cut ties with Durant two seasons ago. But that was then. Durant has been a great quarterback for us when we had a running game. He played within the system and made few mistakes. Exactly what we needed to win a couple of Grey Cups with him which even our apparent all-time great couldn't muster despite having one of the all-time great runnning backs in the backfield. Durant just wants to be paid at the end of his career because his dollar making days are numbered.

I have a feeling that Mr. Jones is not shopping for a quarterback and is going to go with the youngsters because the cost of anyone that might be available is going to be too high. I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing, but it's a decision I would have been happier with last season than this season. Rider fans may not like that, but that is a better decision than getting fleeced on anyone else right now. Do the Riders sign and play Darian another season if the price is right. Sure, but the price wasn't going to be right. We're not a playoff team with Durant at the helm right now. Anyone who thought that last year wasn't looking at the lack of an offensive line or the chemistry needed to generate wins. We got that chemistry for a bit, but by then we were 1-10. People need to get over the fact that we wasted a season going down the wrong path. 20-20 hindsight now.

I do think Jones is going the wrong path towards a happy fan base though. A community team heavily supported by the community needs a certain amount of foundation in players that are great for the community. This involves a little bit of consistency in roster and some tradeoffs for cost. I'm not saying that Chick and others weren't a little steep in price for their age and play on the field, but there is something added to the community with them. The Riders are bigger than game day here. I hope Jones begins to understand that.

I am not looking forward to another four or five win season this year. It'll be hard to swallow in the new stadium with a roster that many die-hard fans have a hard time naming more than five players on.

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