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Originally Posted by the Genral View Post
I'd like to see a south end expansion for the sake of completing the 'bowl'. But like the EC, this could be overkill, more seats than they can ever fill. Even if Texas becomes a legit perennial national championship contender, how many more than the 102K fans can they get to buy tickets to fill the stadium. They certainly can't copy the northern end zone seating, perhaps just the bottom portion. I think UT would be wise to cap out at 108k - 110k max.
I feel like they could lower the bottom tier ticket prices and they would fill up. Right now, it is an expensive day to go to a game. From door to door roundtrip, I spend north of $500 to take my family when it's all said and done.
I would go more often, if i could scoop some cheap seats for $25/each.
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