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Originally Posted by sentinel View Post
^^Agreed. As a general comment, I think the constant 'what might have been' lamentations about the finalized structure vs. the previous, Teng-designed building are rote - not at all taking into account that there is no longer an empty, 29 story concrete shell on this site, but a contemporary 59 story high-rise that will house hundreds of new people in an area (the Loop) that 10 years ago barely had any population at all. Considering that the original Teng design was mediocre at best, I think the final product is a nice addition to the skyline.
Well, I certainly know my feeling on the project and I know what comments I've made regarding it.

I've followed the project since it was 1st announced a decade ago; was there at the original groundbreaking and had the chance to speak about it at plan commission.

I'm taking into account that before it was a 29 story shell that it was a parking lot and my feelings and opinion on the current structure remain. Yeah, it's an okay filler building, but again, meh .

I doubt that on my archi-tours I'll mention it; and if people ask me, I'll be honest about what I think.

Can I get an Aaaaaaaamen up in here? People on here were creaming over Optima in Streeterville but somehow this is a travesty? Get over it. It's a nice minimalist box at least on par with Optima.
I know that I wasn't one of the one creaming themselves over Optima. I had David Hovey as a professor and think that he can do better. The current Streeterville building is nice; the upcoming one is underwhelming.

Originally Posted by sentinel View Post
And TUP, can you sincerely tell me that, ignoring the apples to oranges debate between this and Optima, that the original, Teng design is better than the final outcome?
I know you asked him, but I'm just going to say YES!, yes it was.