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Originally Posted by LouisVanDerWright View Post
Apparently neither of you have ever heard the phrase "the devil is in the details". This is not even remotely close to Optima in terms of quality or the overall design. Also, how is this design "minimalist"? It's absolutely the opposite of minimalist and is borderline flashy with the giant arbitrary zig zag. Meanwhile nearly every element of the optima design is derived from some function of the building. The zig zag has literally no function beyond "lets dress this ugly beast up a bit".

Now I am not saying this is a terrible building because it turned out better than I had feared, but it is middle of the pack at best. Optima is certainly in the top quartile.
Fine, the most obvious and glaring difference is the zig zag thing. But what else? What makes it "not even remotely close to Optima in regards to quality or overall design"? And I ask this not to put pressure on you in particular, but because I'd like to understand what details I'm missing.
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