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Just to clarify, my opinion is not that this building is anything amazing. I pretty much give it a 'meh' too, but I'm just glad that it is finally coming to fruition. I'm glad the eyesore concrete shell is gone. I just think some people's comments are over the top about how bad it is. What was exciting about the previous proposal here was the height more than the design. It was thin and tall but I'm not a fan of that Pomo style. I have a feeling that if this version was just as tall people would be praising it. People don't like the 'arbitrary' zig zag but I for one am glad they did something with it. It's not entirely arbitrary anyway because it is incorporated into the balcony sections. How boring this would be without it. 'The glass is wavy'. Oh god. The glass on every single fucking building in the world is wavy. Optima's glass is wavy. It just doesn't have many buildings close enough to it reflecting and showing it is wavy. People have posted photos of it from certain angles that reflect other buildings and it is really wavy. Glass is wavy. People post pictures of buildings reflecting only sky and everyone goes, oh my god that glass is amazing! The same buildings reflecting a building across the street and it's, oh my god that cheap wavy glass is horrendous.