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Originally Posted by delts145 View Post
Ultimately, if the right materials are used on the interior lobby of 222 it could be very attractive. Judging from what they've done so far with the exterior treatment, there's no need to think that the actual finished product is going to be 60's tacky.

Hmmm.... Now I'm curious. I guess I'll have to go check it out for myself, since your opinion regarding anything of the LDS Church would be my last choice of reference, LOL. Then again, maybe someone such as T-Mac, Ark or anyone who has a small sense of objectivity could weigh in and save me the trip.
Well unfortunately like most the rest of the building it is dated. Lots of dark wood and poor use of light. I'd say its far from the ugliest thing I've ever seen, I've seen much worse in many a tall building lobby in other cities but it isn't as inviting as it could be. A nice update would be great!
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