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Originally Posted by dc_denizen View Post
the bay around (7.2 million people) lost 200,000 white people between the 2000 and 2010 census. I assume they all went to Seattle, Portland, Bend, Denver etc.

Still, the white population of the bay area is 3.775 million, while the Asian population is 1.65 million.
This is 2016 data from

Total Population
Bay Area CSA: 8,751,000
SF MSA: 4,679,000
SJ MSA: 1,978,000

Asian Alone Population:
Bay Area CSA: 2,106,000...24.1%
SF MSA 1,196,000...25.5%
SJ MSA: 685,000...34.6%

White Population:
Bay Area CSA: 3,468,000...39.6%
San Francisco MSA: 1,870,000...39.9%
San Jose MSA: 637,000...32.2%

Asian Alone/Multiracial Population:
Bay Area CSA: 2,384,000...27.2%
SF MSA: 1,359,000...29.0%
SJ MSA: 746,000...37.7%

The total 'Inner' Bay Area...

SF/SJ MSAs Combined:
Population: 6,657,000
Asian Alone Population: 1,881,000...28.2%
Asian Alone & Multiracial Population: 2,105,000...31.6%
White Population: 2,507,000...37.6%

Key points:
* Asians outnumber Whites in the San Jose Metro

* The Bay Area has no racial majority to begin with

* There are 2 Million Asians in the Inner Bay Area and they constitute about one-third of the 6.6 million population

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