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Total foreign born is a factor but doesn't tell the whole story. Vancouver is the most Asian city outside of Asia. Go there and it hits you like a ton of bricks. London and New York are nowhere close to feeling as Asian. The Asian population (foreign and domestic born) is noticeable but in Vancouver it's more than 40% of the population. Asians flavour every aspect of life from the experience on the street, to business, to food, to culture, etc. It's not hard to see Vancouver become the first significant majority Asian city outside Asia. It could happen as soon as the 2031 census.

I haven't been to Los Angeles but based on the data it would follow what one sees in New York and London. It has a big Asian population but it doesn't stand out like it does in Vancouver.
Vancouver certainly has a disproportionately large Asian ethnicity composition for a western city. There are other similar situations across Canada and the western world, in the UK, Leicester, Luton and Slough have Asian ethnicity populations that are approaching or have a strong possibility of surpassing the 40-50% mark by the 2021 census. Of course, the size of Vancouver, Leicester and other small towns and cities across the western world are orders of magnitudes smaller than London or New York. That isn’t to dilute the significance of the percentages, but smaller populations have a higher chance of specific community concentrations developing. There are nearly as many Londoners with Indian ethnicity as there are people in Vancouver. London and New York tend to have a wider ethnic/origin base that is not concentrated on specific groups.
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