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Originally Posted by wave46 View Post
The trucks I can understand, but tourists? I can't imagine much tourism past Riding Mountain National Park on highway 10 and Twin Lakes Beach on 6.

Who goes to Thompson or the The Pas for a holiday? A handful of people? People headed back to see family?
Waleye, trout, and pike fishing are huge for The Pas, Flin Flon, and Grand Rapids. Thompson is near Paint Lake and Pishew Falls. The province doesn't end at Riding Mountain. Duck Mountain (served by highways 10 and 83) draws a very large number of tourists as well, as does Clearwater Lake (10).

I'm thinking the volume on 391 is just local traffic.
Does the province not need to serve local traffic? The point was that the traffic in excess of 400 vehicles a day exists. The road needs to be maintained.
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