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October 01, 2011
Nunatsiaq Online

Ten new mines to boost Nunavut’s infrastructure: NWT and Nunavut Chamber of Mines
"A tremendous opportunity for local arrangements to construct, to maintain and to operate this infrastructure"

Ten huge mines, poised to move into production in Nunavut within the next 10 years, may fuel the ports, roads and other infrastructure Nunavut badly needs: that was the message from Tom Hoefer, executive director of the Northwest Territories and Nunavut Chamber of Mines, at the recent Nunavut Trade Show and Conference in Iqaluit.

“Hopefully, the time has come for some of these projects, the majority of which are more than 20 years old,” Hoefer said in his Sept. 27 presentation at a panel discussion on “Nunavut: The Next Decade — Getting Your Share of Major Developments,” now posted on the chamber’s website.

Mines can be a powerful driver to new infrastructure, he said, leading to the construction of ice roads, all-weather roads, ports, railroads and hydoelectric developments.

In Nunavut, some 600 kilometres of roads could be required, he said.
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