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I'm still waiting for a recent daytime population study for various cities. Would be interesting to see stats for London and NY.

Stats measuring peak population, commuters in/out, weekday vs weekend pop stats.

I recall a 2012 NYU Wagner study said that on any given weekday, there are 4 million folks in Manhattan. Will be higher in 2017.

Still, 4 million over 22-23 sq miles is a density of 174k/sq-mile.

I'd say over 300 land sq miles, the daytime population has to be 10 million on any given weekday. Just a general approximation for 2017. I don't think the Census results truly factor in illegals. Last I've heard, estimates put it at 500k for illegals.

If we factor in tourism numbers, 60 million/year and rising, we come out to a conservative 200k per day. Summer will be higher, but just as a stats exercise.
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