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Originally Posted by finalcoolman View Post
Wow I thought of this as well. It might be possible at the end of the 35 year agreement if the political will is there since all the original Rotem rolling stock will be end of life by then. It could be labelled as a 'major capacity upgrade'. It would involve:

-complete shutdown of the line for 18 months

-double tracking all single track sections

-all stations/platforms extended to 80-100 meters with modifications for SkyTrain dimensions

-LIM rail retrofit

-building junctions to connect to Expo line at Waterfront and/or Millenium Line at Broadway (assumption M-Line is extended to UBC)

-brand new 5 car SkyTrain rolling stock to roll on the line

Sounds crazy but if a Chinese company bidding on the Montreal Metro car contract actually proposed shutting the system down to retrofit from rubber tired tracks to steel wheel tracks, a LIM rail retrofit seems plausible. If it is wrapped up with capacity upgrades as one project to justify a shut-down to the public, it just might be doable and justified to take advantage of synergies as it will now be publicly operated along with SkyTrain at the end of the 35 year contract.
I don't know, while I'd give anything to see the Canada Line converted to Bombardier LIM technology, shutting it down for 18 months would be crazy. 70,000 people use the line a day, it would wreak havoc on the transit system.