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I would not call it ignorance, but a lack of knowledge where the main problem of most African countries lies. This is not predominantly western exploitation of these countries but the extreme disparity in the distribution of wealth (as measured by the Gini coefficient) as a result of/ and leading to a vicious circle of clientelism, corruption,politicized ethnicity and violence! In short, 10% of the population are rich and 90% live or almost live below the poverty line. This is reflected by a more or less modern city center (incl. highrises) that you will find in any major African city in general and by the huge number of Land Rovers and Hummers driving around in downtown Nairobi in particular! But after crossing River Road in the east of downtown the city pretty much looks like that:

P.S. @ Nite - In picture no. 14 - isn't that Nakumatt Downtown that burned down early 2009?
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