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Sorry caligrad, I think you're missing some things about UCLA's involvement in this project, but also UCLA operations in general.

And also....with the UCLA argument. Will they really consider moving downtown
The whole campus wouldn't move downtown (into one building). UCLA would simply own office space downtown, to be used for various purposes. They already do this with various medical and athletic buildings in Santa Monica and parts of LA outside of Westwood.

dishing out all the extra money when their funds are being cut yearly it seems?
UCLA is increasingly independent of state funding, and the top UCs aren't really in any financial danger. Currently, UCLA is investing extremely heavily in major projects. There's about a dozen new buildings on the campus (Luskin Conference Center and Hotel, costing roughly $160 million leads the way).

That said, the heavy investment in new buildings on the main campus might prevent UCLA from being interested in a really expensive project elsewhere.

sounds like their tuitions will be doubling or tripling soon
Capital projects aren't paid for through tuition - tuition only covers student costs. Tuition has gone up, but smoothly. There's no scenario where tuition would randomly double or triple.

US students get priced out and Foreign students, who most of the time are rich kids from around the world, will be the only ones attending UCLA
Tuition is determined by California residency, not international status. Students from outside of California pay the same tuition as international students. In practice there are far more wealthy US students (outside of California) compared to international students, though there's heavy competition for these students, so UCLA does target international students as well.

The US remains by far the wealthiest country in the world, so barring a total national collapse, it's not really possible for US students to ever be priced out of anything.

Would students actually feel the need to pay double to live downtown or would they just stick with dorms ?
Dorm costs and Westwood housing is already more expensive than downtown. I speak from personal experience - even with the increase in downtown rents, it's still cheaper than Westwood Village.
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