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Originally Posted by Ch.G, Ch.G View Post
Viva was saying that the office building has an issue of attracting tenants because of the lack of parking. If it was built 15 years ago (when transportation patterns were largely as they are now, i.e., super reliant on automobiles), it seems like that was a pretty big oversight. Now this proposed residential building is correcting that mistake by cramming a couple hundred extra spots into its base, creating a massive eyesore in the process. Had parking been taken into consideration when the office was built, we wouldn't have to deal with the uneven distribution and unsightly proposal before us.
I'm still not sure what your point is. If the developer had correctly anticipated the need for parking, then the office building would have had its own massive eyesore of a podium. The parking's got to go somewhere.

This new proposal is definitely an eyesore, but I'm willing to accept it because it's not on any major streets. It's a block off Milwaukee and a block off Lawrence at Ainslie and Lipps. This area was always going to be parking, loading, and service for the businesses along the main streets... I'm glad there is also a residential component that will bring serious density to this area as well.
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