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Here's a new feature on the cities website. You can sign-up to get the latest
info emailed to you on various topics... see below. Once at the website, press the
button on the left to get started.

Quick Subscribe:

City of Sacramento offers updates on the topics below.

City Home Page
City in the News
Department Media Contacts
More News
Press Releases

Mayor & City Council
District 1 - Newsletter
District 1 Ray Tretheway
District 2 Sandy Sheedy
District 3 Steve Cohn
District 4 Robert King Fong
District 5 Lauren Hammond
District 6 Kevin McCarty
District 7 Robbie Waters - Pocket Area
District 7 Robbie Waters - Valley Hi Area
District 8 Bonnie Pannell
Law & Legislative Committee

Budget, Finance & Treasury
City Budget Information
Material Events

Business & Econonmic Development
Lunch & Learn

City Administration
City Manager's Office
City Public Information
Contact Us

Governmental Affairs
General Citywide Information
About the City
City Services A-Z
Contact Us
Volunteer Opportunities

Neighborhood & Community
City Services A-Z
Planning Commission, Advisory & Appeals
Boards and Commissions
Design Commission Meeting Agendas & Minutes
Design Director Hearings Agendas & Minutes
Design Review Project List
Development Oversight Commission Agendas & Minutes
Electrical Code Advisory and Appeals Board
Environmental Impact Reports
Mechanical and Plumbing Code Advisory and Appeals Board
Planning Commission Agendas & Minutes
Preservation Commission Agendas & Minutes
Preservation Development Project List
Preservation Director Hearings Agendas & Minutes
Zoning Adminstrator Hearings Agendas & Minutes

Traffic & Roads
Short-Term Street & Sidewalk Closures
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