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Update on Airport Expansion

Source: VOCM, June 20, 2012

The CEO of the St. John's International Airport Authority provided the St. John's Board of Trade yesterday with an update on major expansion work at the airport. Keith Collins said almost $200-million is being pumped into new infrastructure to improve just about every aspect of the current airport. The terminal will be expanded by 18-thousand square feet, with upgrades to the airfield, a new access road, and added parking. Collins says since 1998, passenger traffic has doubled at the airport.

He says they've reached a level of traffic that is 15 years beyond the planning assumptions that were used for the current terminal building. Collins says it speaks to the remarkable hyper-growth that's happened in that time and that growth won't be slowing down any time soon.

Collins said a new technology will also be introduced that will drastically reduce the impact fog has on flights. The Category III Instrument Landing System is used around the world, and will improve accessibility and safety during times when heavy fog would normally pose difficulties for aircraft. Once all the upgrades have been completed, the airport will be on par with the top airports in the country, keeping the province's growing economy, and booming tourism industry alive and well.

He says they've set a mission for themselves to deliver an outstanding airport experience and to facilitate the region's economic development. He says while they recognize they may never be the largest airport in the world, there's really no reason they can't be one of the best.

I don't think this article adds anything new to what was previously know about the airport expansion but I thought it would be a good idea to post here anyway.
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