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Originally Posted by kcexpress69 View Post
He seems to be doing a convincing job of it. He has been getting cozy over the last few years, with Cuba, Iran, Bolivia, Equador, Argentina, Nicaragua, and possibly Paraguay. While Chile has a socialist movement, It's stayed neutral with some pro-U.S. tendencies. Columbia is definately opposed to Chavez (Goes without saying), Peru (I believe) is opposed to Chavez. I'm not sure about Brazil. I know they switched to energy independence. Ethanol made from sugarcane. So they dont have oil concerns. I just hope he doesn't try to influence Mexico.
I wouldnt be surpised if he tries to take over Latin America. God, can you imagine if Chavez controlled Mexico, thats just a river away! That would be a dangerous threat to the US. Hopefully Im just over-exaggerating!
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