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Originally Posted by ethereal_reality View Post
I found this photo on an old cd of mine.

I googled it and referenced it back to this site.

below: The building still stands at 1440 North Highland Avenue.

google street view

Does anyone know the original purpose of this building...even before it's KECA days?
Could it possibly have been a fire station? (note the three arched doors fronting the street)
ER: The building seems to have been built as the block-long Knights of Columbus hall in the late '20s. The KoC hall had the address of 1441 N McCadden; I couldn't find much ready info on the the Highland end, but perhaps it was a theater. KECA seems to have become KABC in 1954; other tenants included Frank Flynn's insurance company and a business school. Lately, it's been home to studios for various creative pursuits.

Los Angeles Times July 29, 1956

Los Angeles Times June 10, 1936

Frank Flynn's operations seem to have also occupied the addresses between KECA and the little building down the street, which is also still there:

Google SV
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