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What is your first language? Wikipedia is full of information, even the Nirosta of German Krupp patent developed with stainless steel not corosion in most ornaments like eagles and the automobile radiator form based roof spire atop it, in several languages. But I continue to be sure the best condensed information you will find here Take a ride at Emporis, Structurae links botom page, you will see some references' books which could help you. Google link has plenty images, but unfortunatly most outside, not all details inside. Some descriptions how onyx, egypt, marble inside decorations implementation are, to immagine how beautiful this skyscraper is, has there. Examples of Car hood ornaments you best find here Eagles are used, as they fly high & North-American bird symbol, in consonance with high building reaching sky, WTB. They could be told to be based in Dodge ornaments mainly, De Soto, Plymonth or even Chrysler cars of thirties, all sub-divisions of Chrysler automobile company. Too many cars used to have flying human-woman figures, birds, horses and pointers, all symbolism of high speed, movement, power and flying or cruising high. Cars of thirties are still today, the most wonderful ones. This was the best decade for automobiles in terms of design, decoration, elegance of lines & volumes and details, never took over again until now. It is why most cars of several concours d'elegance in California for example or Peedle Beach is 90% with examples of 30' or 40' ones.
The stainless steel eagles in several back steps at bldg corners are hood ornaments of automobiles based in the 30' years when cars had a lot of nickel-chrome ornaments and details on hood, side panels and so on. The Spire is the Shinning Vertical Radiator ornament of such automobiles. At Wikipedia you have the Chemical Nirosta composition. This is one of the bldg most used such steel ornament in world. Bldg was the WTB for only 1 year in 1930, after taking Tour Eiffel tallest record certificate and following replaced by ESB, Empires States bldg in same NYC for 40 years. The dispute between Chrysler bldg and ESB was great, who would keep the title of WTB. Both bldgs are similar in architectonical Art-Deco appearance of 30' years.
Good luck for your presentation then.

Edit: You should know, I am mainly a vehicle, automobile & ships designer interested in all stuff of object design, painting, drawings, sketchs and even architecture illustration of all kind, industrial designer. So I see structures from the design, elegance of volumes and lines, layout and details point of view side, not much technical things, still beeing also an engineer of study. I can help only in the design appearance point of view, your finite element civil technical studies, probably you are doing a civil structure analysis in some engineering thema is very difficult to be known, even the fact with today paranoic against terrorismus worldwide, not all architectural and stress calculations offices would give you so easy info for your computer model, even only for student reasons, to not fall in wrong hands. I studied also fininte elements in mechanical engineering, but applied concepts to an automobile ergonomic door, using Fortran 77 and Catia v3. Today I know nothing about it to help u.

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