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Many thanks for links and your words. That informations are great and that period is wonderfull, but informations you found for me I have known by books, and site on internet. Now I'm looking for precises note about spire, like his internal structures, type of linking for different pieces, system of building, and thing like that. I have to made a mathematical model about the structure with forces, diagonal, axial... Simulations at finte elements. And at the end I'm looking for a precise knowing of the spaces inside the spire (floors, rooms, stairs...). All this information it seems rare about chrysler in the books and in the internet. Do you know pictures of the suite inside spire for example? Just this will be usefull for me. My first language is italian, but english is not a problem,like Italians young people I understand it good in reading... yeah not so good in writing and I'm sorry for this
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