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Originally Posted by econgrad View Post
The Underground (Roseville) has the best live bands in the whole Sacramento area, and is all ages.

The Boardwalk (Orangevale) Kind of seedy but fun if you like mosh pits, all ages.

Club Retro (Fair Oaks) Punk rock place for under 21 crowd.

Other than that, I am not sure. I don't know of any dance clubs for under 21... Kind of sad now that I think about it.
I beg to differ. if you're looking for local shows Old Ironsides, Marilyns, Blue Lamp would all top any crap in Roseville. I particularly like Old I. For an 18 and up club I believe the Empire on Wednesdays and Fridays is 18 and up and you'll find hot girls your age their. Club 21 on Wednesdays is 18 and up and it's probably the funnest club for those 18 and up, it's a gay club. And the Library behind Sac State and Barcode on Arden are also 18 and up I believe.

Club Retro is in a christian church and I believe is geared towards orangevale hokies.
no offense econgrad but I don't think you get out much downtown based on your terrible recommendations.
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