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If Montreal, Toronto, or Vancouver wanted the National Music Centre, than they should have built it. We've had the largest collection for over a decade, and like it or not, Calgary has two huge music festivals every summer and have contributed our fair share to Canadian music culture through country and blues, among other genres. It may not be a noticeable contribution like the other big cities, but it's obviously enough for us to have had the largest collection of musical artefacts for a while, and soon to be one of the largest performing arts centres in the country.

And no, UE, I don't think there's a plan for a marketing campaign, but I could be wrong. They didn't start the nation-wide CMHR advertising until fairly recently. Maybe it will be advertised when it comes closer to completion, similar to the CMHR. however, the CMHR cost over 2x as much as the NMC will cost, so maybe it's just not that big of a deal to advertise as much.
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