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Originally Posted by Welkin View Post
Well you obviously don't need 10-12K for the Pats, so for who are you adding an additional 3,000 seats? There is a dramatic difference in the cost between building a 9,000 seat arena and a 12,000 seat arena. If your main tenant can't even use the 9,000 seats, why would you pay so much more money to get 12,000 seats. Certainly you don't advocate spending all that extra money for a few concerts or monster truck shows. 9,000 seats in a brand new arena with all the amenities for concerts and shows is all Regina needs and would be cost affordable. Either that or just don't do anything at all and stick with the Brandt.
If Queen City Sports & Entertainment wants to pay for a 12k stadium, I'm all in. I'm tired of driving to Saskatoon for concerts.