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Originally Posted by The ATX View Post
Here's a rendering from Gensler. But it's described as "imaginary".
That's definitely a close up of that vision-type rendering that sparked all the initial speculation. And I think you're right that the model is in the Gensler office. That one architect really spearheads or is at least heavily involved in a lot of these projects. I like his work. Thanks for finding his page.

Also his caption says "tallest pool in Austin?" which would put that level higher than the Bowie's pool at floor 36 and about 400 ft, so even if it's a vision, it still is in the ~650 ft range. Seems like a lot of effort to put into visions. I wonder how much interior work they put in on the design end. I'd hope these designs could be used at some point, including the Block 185 masterpiece.
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