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Originally Posted by BrianSac View Post
Peception: Washington DC is full of gov't workers that create energy in the core and government money brings in private contracts and private employers to DC, yet somehow DC's gov't workers are cool and hip and Sacramento's state workers are not -- perception.

The feds have a blank check to spend and spend and pay better salaries in Washington DC. The state has limits in what it can bring to Sacramento.
This was a very good thread that I was watching while it was active and it came to a halt. Just wanted to put my two cents in.

What makes DC different as a government city is the proximity of so many high quality Universities. You get an influx of intelligent, active young people into the community and they stay because of the high paying federal jobs and opportunities. I went to a University in the area right out of high school and I can tell you that the vibe is different because of these reasons.

BrianSac is correct in saying that the demographics of Sac makes a huge difference in how this city grows.

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