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Originally Posted by FrAnKs View Post

Just curious, how long have you been working on it ?

... just to figure out what level of Nerd are you ! ( Just kidding )
I just did it today. It's pretty easy and quick to come to an approximate average based on two-year patterns. However, as I stated at the bottom of my post, the numbers are subject to dramatic change, as StatCan revised their provincial numbers for last year when they released their official 2014 numbers last week. I expect once they release the 2014 city numbers, they will also revise last year's city numbers, reducing estimated growth across many of the CMAs.

For example, Calgary's growth could be as low as 47 000, but because our StatCan estimate growth last year was 57 000, and the city has stated we experienced record breaking growth again this year(as we did last year), I set our growth at 59 000. So things could get a little screwy. Many CMAs could see reductions in their estimated population growth.

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