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Originally Posted by mousquet View Post
It's always much better to keep people at work, so as far as I go and generally speaking, I agree on the principle in effect over Germany these days, if and only if there's actual and effective upward social mobility over there.
I do read quite a lot of economic data from many countries around the globe. I came to the conclusion that 10-15 % of the population in many Western countries do have problems to leave their social backgrounds and have troubles to make a living on their own. There are many reasons: one of them is the lack of education levels.

BUT, the German system provides free education opportunities for all ages and at all career levels for those who are able and willing to engage. It is possible to take the destiny in your your own hands.

And quite frankly: I assume that the French media do portray the misfortunate part of the German society a little to often. Thats maybe why the perception of "lack of social mobility myth" is so persistent. In the end Germany is very stable middle class society. The wealth level is comparable with Switzerland or Sweden. Its a typical Northern European Social Welfare state.

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