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I guess if civilization totally collapsed and the earth warmed by an ungodly amount, there's a possibility that the Mackenzie river could harbour a pre-modern civilization after a couple hundred years of sorting things out. Of course, that civilization would have no notion that they occupied a territory once known as Canada.

Barring a total collapse of global civilization, I think that all of the greatest cities in the world have already been settled. I think that all of the cities that will one day rise to about a Toronto or Singapore level of prominence, if not New York or London-level prominence*, are either in Sub-Saharan Africa or Central Asia, but I don't think they're places that don't exist yet.

*I expect a sub-Saharan African city to be like a Shanghai in the future, but I'm pretty sure it'll be some combination of Lagos, Nairobi, Addis or Johannesburg. Maybe Luanda or Dar es Salaam. A wealthy Dakar would also be cool.
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