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Originally Posted by Policy Wonk View Post
preserving zones of discard that are virtually depopulated isn't doing anyone any favors,
I live in a redevelopment zone in lubbock, texas. If we did not have this, the area would still look like pure $hite. And I mean pure shizzzite, I never knew the USA had areas that were as ugly until I moved to lubbock.
First off the houses were ugly as hell, then a bunch of lots were empty with some houses abandoned and falling apart. The houses looked like rusty old tool sheds. A group here bought up a lot of the empty lots and old houses. They've managed to buy everything up so far without any help, but there are some hold outs. I figure after a few years they will not be able to pay their taxes as land values rise and they'll either lose the property or sell. In fact eminent domain should not be necessary if american cities put limits on sprawl. The demand for redevelopment would drive it without the government getting involved. Now for parks or urban rail systems, I fully agree that eminent domain is necessary to keep things progressing.

Now there are sidewalks with trees every 10 feet, red brick in the sidewalks, my apartment building has a mall on the first floor so my apartment is actually above a store. There's a GNC, a place to get hair cuts, clothing store, book store, etc in my building. This is an alien idea in lubbock, super progressive

Here's an arial view of what used to be here (note the house in the arrow was around 10 by 20 feet in size, and I am serious about that, a one story house smaller in square feet than my bedroom. Notice all the empty lots and some are trashed out. This pic does not give this place justice, it was disgusting in person:

Now this is what is being built in their place:

redevlopment rules!
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