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Originally Posted by Londonee View Post
This is a 1.2 BILLION dollar - largest building investment in Pennsylvania's history - Norman Foster building. That should, honestly, be where your concerns end. It's going to be wonderful. Stop worrying about insecure manly things like size.
I'm with tower. It's just a curious observation. Like I said, given the cost it's reasonable to wonder why it's not taller because it was likely a deliberate decision.

I wonder if they simply wanted to keep Comcast Center the dominant "center" of their vertical campus. The CITC won't have a large plaza like Comcast Center. The current center and its plaza are easily big enough to hold both buildings, but Comcast chose to set the primary tower away from the street making it stand out as Philadelphia's most imposing skyscraper from the sidewalk.

I remember talking about New York's Seagrams building in an architecture class, about how at the time, developers were maximizing their space by using every possible square foot of Manhattan's stepped height restrictions. Seagrams wanted to stand out, and instead of stepping its tower back from the sidewalk as it rose, they deliberately "wasted space" with a large plaza leading up to a completely vertical tower. I see a lot of that logic in Comcast Center. They want to be really noticed, and unless you're looking at the skyline from a distance, Comcast Center's biggest presence is at the street. Having an even taller tower to the left could even aesthetically distract from that.
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