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Originally Posted by dreambrother808 View Post
Beauty, well I don't see a city on the list that doesn't fit that profile.
While there's never any accounting for the wiles of subjectivity, I find it amazing that there wouldn't be some kind of consensus on a skyscraper geek site that the only cities on that list with beautiful skylines are New York, San Francisco and Hong Kong, while Dubai and Shanghai might be given a mention for their singular uniqueness.

That this might be controversial to someone in Vancouver would appear to be explained by the mentality represented in what you say here:

Originally Posted by dreambrother808 View Post
Anything which remotely puts Vancouver on a level above other cities in this forum is met with typical derision. It's the norm, but nonetheless we are still presented with these points of view which place it on that level. Subjective, yes, but clearly not peculiar or unfounded.
Erm, you've been presented by one list compiled by a mostly brain-free media intern working in content generation for the internet, and people who have a layperson's interest in skyscrapers and architecture have objected to it.
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