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Originally Posted by Acajack View Post
Curling is another example of the media telling us what they think we should watch instead of what Canadians actually want to watch.

NCAA March Madness gets exponentially more national media coverage from CANADIAN sports media, and yet…

The final of the Brier consistently gets well over 1 million TV viewers.

The NCAA men's basketball final is in the 300-400,000 range.

After a while, the media's efforts start to have an effect, and the ratings may in fact start to fall into line with what they are force-feeding Canadians as what is truly deserving of their attention. NCAA Final Four games may well outdraw the Brier or at least rival it for viewers at some point the future.

I mean, we've seen that in other sports already, haven't we?
Thats because the Brier and Scotties are watched by old white people and the tall foreheads in Toronto (home of TSN, Sportsnet, CTV and CBC) have decided that the Canadians that count (25 - 35 year olds) are more interested in NBA or NCAA than they are in CIS. Although the Vanier received very good numbers you had to be a mind reader to find it on the TV!
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