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Originally Posted by greenmidtown View Post
I beg to differ. if you're looking for local shows Old Ironsides, Marilyns, Blue Lamp would all top any crap in Roseville. I particularly like Old I. For an 18 and up club I believe the Empire on Wednesdays and Fridays is 18 and up and you'll find hot girls your age their. Club 21 on Wednesdays is 18 and up and it's probably the funnest club for those 18 and up, it's a gay club. And the Library behind Sac State and Barcode on Arden are also 18 and up I believe.

Club Retro is in a christian church and I believe is geared towards orangevale hokies.
no offense econgrad but I don't think you get out much downtown based on your terrible recommendations.
LOL! Greenmidtown, my band sells out all those clubs you mentioned! He also asked for under 21, which all the clubs you mentioned are over 21. The music scene downtown is isolated, no bands that play downtown get good exposure. The kids (under 18) buy the CD's, and go to the shows, not to just drink beer and sit around like at Blue Lamp and Old I's and Marylins, but to rock out, mosh and watch and support the act. The bands that are getting signed, play in front of more than 200+ people, not a crappy crowd of 80 or less like in all the clubs you mentioned, all play at the Boardwalk and The Underground. This is what I do for a living now, I think I know what I am talking about. You seem to be just another "Gridder" that likes to talk smack about the burbs, when you have probably never ever seen a show out there. Better bands, better crowds, real venues. Guess what, the music scene in DT sac is not that great at all, its kind of a joke to everyone outside of downtown, especially in major cities. Only exception would be concert at the park. I have been playing all these clubs since I was 14 playing at the Cattle Club in my highschool metal band, you have no idea or have a clue of what you are talking about.
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