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New Buliding:

971 ft.
56 stories

lookin up from ground level

Example of ground level retail


Comparison to the current tallest building....

View from the south end of the Convention Center....

The buiding it would replace....

And finally the inspiration

First off, this didn't come out exactly as I wanted. The idea is there but this isn't quite what I had in mind (when I was workin on this thing, i just kept going and didn't stop).

Second, this building is suposd to be a replacement of the butt-ugly AT&T Building. It may never happen. But if so, I'm throwin this on the table.....
And of course, the inspiration for this is the Empire State Building. Since it would be right next to our Flatiron Building, I thought it would just fit... to add some sort of New York Flavor to it. And it has space for retail on its four corners.
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