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New Building:

The NEW AT&T Building with the former F.W. Municipal Building.

536' ft
34 stories (37 with Municipal Building)

Now be for I begin with this one... YES, I know there's just a plain white box on the bottom of the tower. Well, the reason for this. If (and I say, when) the city moves City Hall from the bland, white box of the current Municipal Building to the current Old post office, that building would stay put. So, I decided to just build on top of it........ hey, it could happen.

The "Southwestern Patern" on the side of the building.

Looking up from street level.... with the AT&T ball at the end.

The zig zag pattern on the sides.


Comparison with current tallest....

And just for kicks, I decided to put the AT&T ball on top of the crown, just to see how it looks.....

I know the first thing that comes to mind when you see this is.... "80's".... VERY 80's.
But this was intentional. I wanted this to look like a Southwestern building... so I added the southwestern pattern on the sides, gave it a zig-zag on the other sides, and gave the whole building "Southwestern Colors". The crown looks NOTHING like I want it too, but then again, I have no clue what I really want it to look like. But the basic idea is there.

And I don't know if the ball looks better on the side, closer to street level or on top of the building......
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