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New Building

Fmr. Block TU Tower
991 ft.
60 Stories

I used the original idea of the 60 floor, 900 footer that was suposed to be built in that parking lot bound by 7th, 8th, Calhoun and Jones streets. Only I redesigned it.
From this:

to this:

No I know it looks HUGE, but I did my mesurements on Google Earth and I'm 95% sure this is the right size. And I wanted the residential part to be closer to the ground than the Office part of the tower.

Here's the Garage. It has ground level retail and features two GIANT billboards on both sides and 4 LED screens (as homage to the old Tandy Towers) to display messages. It's white on the retail sides and has grey tile, with the billboards and screens on the garage entrance sides.

Here's the top of the building, which I call, the "shades".

Looking up from the street:


Comparison to the current tallest:

...... and while we're at it, let's look at the other tallest in Texas.....



San Antonio:


and finally, El Paso:

Now, I'm a big skyscraper lover.... but even I have to admit, this may be a little too big for Fort Worth.

Well, for now, anyway.....

BTW, the next building I do will also be modern. Sorry for those who hate that.
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