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New Building:

American Airlines Building
417 ft.
32 stories

Ground level

The Restaurants/shops and Balcony.

Since this building will be in Sundance Square, I think it wouldn't be right if this wasn't mixed use.

The Star Pattern on the back

Looking up from ground level




Comparison to curent tallest

I gotta say, this building turned out smaller than I first thought... but then again, when you look at the location, I think it's good at this size.

This building would be in Sundance Square (the parking lot right infront of The Tower between Throckmorton/Houston and right on W 4th). I wanted this to have an airplane them, but at the same time, make it look like an older style building, since it's in Sundance. The bronze star designs on the back were put there to represnt Texas and the metal accents represent the planes. I think subconsciously, I was thinking about 60's style buildings while making this. The garage part of this building is plain, which would open up development for smaller, more human-scaled projects.
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