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I'm also concerned as there's no mention of the hotel component. Like Moncton's experience with their proposed Downtown Events Centre, is it possible we might end up seeing an Incredible Shrinking Coast Guard site? I certainly hope not, though until an announcement is actually made the best we can do is speculate.

If they do have to scale down in this economic climate, I hope they do so by phasing the site's development more finely and over a longer period, rather than trying to be expedient and settling for a scaled-down end product. For example, Phase 1 could be the South Market Wharf "podium" commercial and the waterfront promenade, Phase 2 could be the hotel, Phase 3 the condo tower, and subsequent phases working their way southward in a similar manner (this is just one possible configuration--it might make more sense to start bolstering residential density sooner in the process to support the commercial stuff).
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