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Originally Posted by L41A View Post
It is incredible how much more dense the Vine City area was and how it was more connected to Downtown before the GWCC and the Georgia Dome. With the upcoming construction of the new Atlanta Falcons stadium and the demolition of the Georgia Dome, I see the possibilities of better connecting the Vine City neighborhood with Downtown. A possibility that would presumably help to revitalize the Vine City neighborhood.

The Georgia Dome and the GWCC separates Vine City from Downtown. Andrew Young International Boulevard can be extended to Northside Drive and Magnolia Street to better connect Vine City to Downtown and the touristy COP.

My recent visits to the Vine City area has shown me the possibilities of the neighborhood and what it once was. It had schools, parks, corner stores, and today is still very walkable, with tree lined streets, with two nearby MARTA stations (Vine City and Ashby) in walking distance, and the commercial area at Lowery and MLK on one end and the burgeoning Castleberry on the other.
i had to check that post to see if i had written it in my sleep, LOL! couldn't have said it better.
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