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Originally Posted by NSMP View Post
You're saying the opposite thing as caligrad - use the existing ROW instead of Hawthorne Bl.

The connection to the stadium is not likely to be a light rail extension. It will probably be a people mover or monorail. Urbanize might have more on that soon.
I was more so misunderstanding your point.

I suppose what I’m trying to get at is that Metro seems to have a strategy of interlining lines together, as an interim step, before later branching them off.

I could see a future in which the Harbour Subdivision is used for a southern extension with both Crenshaw/Green Line interlining (if that’s even possible), and later on making use of the northern half of the subdivision (to LAUS) to create a new line (that would internline with the Green Line to Long Beach), and then then create a new branch of the Crenshaw Line down a different corridor.

I just don’t think it’s inherently zero-sum for Metro to build within the cheaper corridor for now, and then “fill in” the network later, provided there is good enough ridership for the former - hence, why I think they ought to just go down to Long Beach outright.
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