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Originally Posted by NSMP View Post
I definitely agree that it would have made more sense to include the full corridor to Long Beach in Measure M. It's a key failing of M that it doesn't extend the corridor as defined in Measure R at all. Not one extra stop.

Metro has indicated on several occasions that they intend to run both Green and Crenshaw Line trains on the Harbor Sub, although lately Steve Hymon has been saying that's not yet set in stone. Interlining is a bad plan here (mostly because of where the branch point is), and they should keep the lines separate until the time comes to extend the Green Line north on Lincoln. But the connection will be in place, via the Crenshaw Line, to do exactly what you're talking about using the northern part of the Harbor Sub.
They do put a footnote in the ordinance for that Green Line project to say that there will be studies to extend it to the Blue Line in Long Beach. It says that no construction funds will be used to fund the studies, but it does not say that they cannot use Green Line Measure M funds on the construction of any such an extension.

Measure R+M brings the total funds for the project to $891 million.

An idea of the costs for the various additional segments can be found on page 5 of this document (2009 dollars)

Based on the link, the cost to get to Torrance is $494 million, but the $400 million extra brought by Measure M is not enough to get to the Blue Line, unless they can get funding elsewhere.
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